Asian Masters Fund

The Asian Masters Fund Limited (Asian Masters Fund) was established in November 2007 as a multi-manager investment company to provide Australian investors the opportunity to gain exposure to leading Asian equities fund managers investing in listed stocks in Asia or stocks of companies that derive the majority of their business from Asia. The Asian Masters Fund is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange under the ticker “AUF”.

Investment Objectives

The two key investment objectives of the Asian Masters Fund are:

  • To achieve a high real rate of return on invested capital, within risk parameters acceptable to the Directors; and
  • To maintain long-term exposure to Asia while maintaining strong diversification.

Investment Philosophy and Focus

The investment philosophy and focus of the Asian Masters Fund and its Manager, Walsh & Company Asset Management Pty Limited, is:

  • To invest in a diversified portfolio of underlying funds managed by highly experienced Asian fund managers that have strong investment track records in both bull and bear markets in Asia; and
  • To invest in funds managed by such fund managers that are not hedged for currency risk and therefore provide exposure to local Asian currencies.

Investment insights – CommSec Interview with the Portfolio Manager